Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin:

A new receipe brings more joy to mankind than the discovery of a new star.

perjantai 29. lokakuuta 2010

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

The creamyness of this soup doesn't come from cream but from nuts and nutritional yeast.  Today I used pine seeds but they are quite expensive.  They also didn't do the creamy job like cashews, pine seeds have a distinct flavour of their own.  The healthyness of cauliflower is obvious, it's a kind of cabbage. All cabbages are awesome! Cauliflower is easy to blend with a smooth structure. Just put everything in the blender and it's done.  A word of caution, if you don't like the taste of raw cauliflower this soup might be too much for you.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup for two:
about 300 g cauliflower
1 tl dijon mustard
1-2 tsp salt
1-2 tbl of lemon juice
1,5 dl white nuts(cashew, macadamia, brasil, pine seeds)
0,5 dl nutritional yeast
3-4 dl water
Blend everything and serve.
Bon appetit!

Today all ingredients were set nicely in place for the ingredients-picture. However my hunger was too great so I forgot to take the actual picture.  Today you have to do without it.

torstai 28. lokakuuta 2010

"Pasta" and "cheese"

A couple of days ago I did a sauce which I served on an ordinary cooked pasta.  Today I had time to do a raw "pasta" of zucchini.  What you need is a mandolin.  With the mandolin you get zucchini stripes in the form of pasta.The "cheese" was kind of solid today but by adding less oil you get a drier form which resemblances grated cheese. Find out which one you prefer. On this pasta you can put any sauce you like  this.
Looking at the ingredients you see that we ate veggies, nuts and nutritional yeast.  Techically the yeast is not raw. It has been heated to the point that it's not active anymore.  It's full of nutrients and gives a cheeselike flavour.  The taste can fool any carnivour.

Pasta and cheese with herbs:
Cut three small zucchinis with the
mandolin into pastalike stripes
Cheese with herbs:
3 dl cashew
1 dl nutrtional yeast
2 tbl lemon juice
2 tsp salt
2 tbl basil
1 tbl thyme
1-3 tbl olive oil
Put the dry ingredients into a foodprocessor with a s-blade.  Process untill very fine and then add the lemonjuice and oil.  If you want to keep the cheese like grated add just a drop of oil and if you want it to stick together you add oil untill it does.
The salad in the picture is just tomatoes and some chopped onions with a spinach oil.  Put a handful of spinach into the processor with some salt and lemon juice. Process it adding olive oil untill you get a thick, green oil.

Build the plate like the first pictuere.
Bon appetit!

keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

Bortsch soup

For this soup you both a juicer and a blender.  The juicer is needed in order to keep the soup as a soup and not a stew.  The beets are so massive that if you blend them straight up you get quite a thick stew.  Not a bad idea!
The basic idea is to blend the beet juice with tomatoes.  This is the core fo the bortsch.  The sweetness we get from carrot juice and a different taste and a little salt from the sellry stalk.  More depth to the flavour comes from the sundried tomatoes, in the raw kitchen they serve the same fuction as tomatopuree in the ordinary kitchen.  Sauerkraut is a normal ingredient in the Bortsch soup.

Bortsch soup for three:
3 big beets
1 big carrot
1 sellery stalk
Juice these and pour the juice into a blender.  Add
1/2 kg tomatoes
3-4 sundried tomatoes
a small piece of onion
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp salt
Blend it to a smooth soup, pour it into a serving bowl and add 100-200 g of sauerkraut and any kind of herbs.
Bon appetit!

maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Rawfood event

The whole family went to Arto to cook for 20 people. Actually I talked, instructed and made a small show.  Riitta and Jenni took pictures and videos.   I made two kinds of  Nori roles and one kind of Beet balls . The sauce was blended with sesame seeds, soy sauce and lemon.  For dessert we had both Brownie and Stollen.  The Stollen was a request of Arto. He wanted something x-mas like for dessert and Stollen is one of my favorites.  The original has a lot of butter and sugar in it but this was made of all natural stuff and without the oven. Try it out and comment on how succesful it was!

Almonds and dates are processed in a foodprocessor into a sticky mass.  By hand you add raisins, dried cranberries, dried strawberries and incaberries.  Form a loaf of it and put in the fridge for an hour.  Now it's easy to cut into thin slices. Bon appetit!

Martti gets instructions of how to form the Stollen
Arto and jis guests like the taste of the rawfood.  They were all surprised that something healthy can be so tasty!

I enjoed the opportunity to promote healthy and good food.  It seems like there I have an inner preacher or then I just enjoy entertain people.
Nori roles
The filling of the other Nori role

Is this a bloody steak or were does the colour come from?
First we made the food and then we grabbed in

perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

Pasta sauce

Sometimes you don't have energy more than cooking pasta and serving it with some kind of sauce. This sauce goes well with pasta, rice or anything else.  It's full of red colour and taste.  In addition it contains protein from the cashews which will keep the hunger away for a while.  Its important to find out how much sellery and onion you need to add according to your taste.  The sundried tomates gives a depth to the taste.  Today I had to blend the sauce with our little hand blender because our Vita-Mix is used at the BrainGym at the Kaapelitehdas.  In spite of the less powerful tool the sauce was good. It just proved my theory that a good handblender is better than a less powerful blender of traditional design. 

Pasta sauce for three:
3 red belly peppers
3 sun dried tomatoes
1/4 red onion
1/2stalk of sellery
3 rkl olive oil
1/2 lemon, juiced
2 dl cashew nuts

Blend everything except the onion and sellery and check the taste with any herb you prefer.  Chop the onion and sellery as fine as possible and add to the sauce.Serve with pasta.
Bon appetit!

torstai 21. lokakuuta 2010

Bloody Mary drink

The Coway juicers strong side is juicing soft stuff.  Check out the different juicers! I tried to make a non alcoholic drink full of vitality but with a nice sting.  The natural choice was bloody Mary because it's already so close to the goal.  Tha salt was substituted by a sellery stalk.  Just as much as needed to get a very slight touch of the taste. A small touch of lemon could (perhaps) substitute the booze. The role of pepper anf the Tabasco was played by fresh chili.  Be careful with this!  What was a nice sting to me was a total fire in Riitta's mouth.  It took a lot of water before she could talk to me again.

Bloody Mary:
a stalk of sellery
fresh chili

Juice everything and check the taste.  Juice more of any ingredient you feel is lacking.
Bon appetit!

keskiviikko 20. lokakuuta 2010

Cranberry chutney

Chutney is basicly a combination of hot, sweet and sour. You can make it from anything.  Indian mango chutney is a well known example. Usually chutney is cooked with vinegar and a lot of sugar. It's not the only option!
When I started to build this chutney I balanced apple with red onion. You chop them very well.  Add the hot chili and ginger. Th sweetness you get from dates and the sourness from lemon juice.  It's important to chop everything as fine as your knife skills permit.  Add the cranberries and crush them lightly. Add salt to get the flavours going and get a little roundness from olive oil.

Serve it with anything you wish.
Bon appetit!

Today I was at the Kaapelitehdas again together with Riitta and Jenni. Come and check out our smoothies! We will be there for a couple of more days.
The whole family

maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010


A snack should be easily made and easily transported.  What do you think about the falaffels in the picture?  Are these easy to carry with you? You bet they are, and it took only 10 minutes to make snacks for the whole family.  The ingredients were seeds and veggies, simply food. And no crisps or cookies needed!

Snacks for four:
4 carrots
2 dl pumpkin seeds
2 rkl ground flaxseeds
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp salt
2 tbl olive oil
1 tbl lemon juice
Grind the seeds and the garlic in a blender.  Chop the carrots in a foodprocessor. Add the ground seeds, salt, lemon juice and olive oil on the carrots and process until a sticky mass.  Form the mass as you please and put the falaffels in a small box, one for each.
Bon appetit!

lauantai 16. lokakuuta 2010

Rye bread

I have been juicing a lot of lingonberries.  As a result there is a lot lingonberry pulp left over. The pulp is really dry, it's just pure lingonberry fibers. In the fridge I found a lot of sprouted  rye.  Obviously the only sane thing to do was to make a bread out of it all!  The bread is easily digestible and has a lot of nutrients left because the rye has been sprouted and the bread has been dried instead of heated in the oven.

Red ryebread:
1 part sprouted rye
1 part pulp from lingonberries or cranberries
1 dl ground flaxseed per liter of rye
(keeps the structure together)
4 tbl olivoil per liter rye
salt according to taste

Spread the thick porridge in an even layer
Put everything in a foodprocessor and run it untill it sticks together like a thick porridge.  There still has to be whole grains left.  Spread it evenly a couple of millimeters thick layer on a teflex sheet. Dry it in 41 degrees for about 4 hours.  Flip it.  If it still sticks to the teflex keep on drying untill you can take of the sheet. After flipping it keep drying it untill you are happy with the degree of moisture in the bread.
Bon appetit!

torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

Green smoothie

Next week we will make smoothies at Reidar Wasenius' Brain Gym at the Kaapelitehdas.  One of the smoothies is revealed right here.  It is so green that it borders to a political statement.  But it's just a smoothie.  Cucumberjuice is strongly alcalising, broccoli cures the whole world, spiruliina is the number one of detox and pumpkin seeds should be on every 50+ male diet. Avocado contains the best fat ever, you cannot live without it

Green smoothie:
1 apple
1 big cucumber
1stalk sellery
piece of broccoli
half a lemon
Blend this juice with a handful of pumpkin seeds, half an avocado and a teespoon of spirulina.
Bon appetit!

keskiviikko 13. lokakuuta 2010

Comparing juicers

Philips HR1861
Coway JP-11
I have used a Philips hr1861 juicer since January.  It has been a true friend to the Juicebrothers. Now my appetite for juice has grown wider.  What about wheatgrass and berries? You cannot put them in a centrifugal juicer.  So I got an additional juicer Coway JP-11.

With a centrifugal juicer you can juice anything hard as apples, cabbage, beets, carrots, broccoli, orange, lemon, bellypeppers.  It's fast so you can juice a lot.  Most of the stuff you'd like to juice is alright for the centrifugal juicer. The downside is that wheatgrass is impossible and berries don't give you a lot of juice.

With the slow juicer you can do excellent wheatgrass juice and with the cranberries and lingonberries I juiced the result was fantastic.  The pulp that was leftover was extremely dry and the juice delicious.  The pulps from apple and carrot juice was a bit wet indicating lower efficience in the extracting.  The juice itself was delicious but it too long time.  I am so used to get fast juice with the centrifugal juicer that this was too slow for the Juicebrother.
Lingonberry juice
With oranges I'm not done yet. I'm waiting for the season to start.
Very dry pulp

Wheatgrass juice
The highlight of todays juicing was cabbage and sellery in the Philips and lingonberries in the Coway and finally mixing the two juices. WAU!!!
Bon appetit!

tiistai 12. lokakuuta 2010


You don't always have to use sugar,butter and wheat flour to make cookies. What????  It seems like grammy forgot to tell you this.  As ingredients it's enough with seeds and dried fruit.  Today I combined sesame seeds with raisins and sunflower seeds with dates and inca berries.  To process it you need a super efficient blender like Vita-Mix.  I processed the messy mass until it was almost like nutbutter but I stopped before it started to warm up.

3 parts seeds
(sesame, sunflower, pumpkin
1 part dried fruits
(raisins, dates, goji, inca)
Blend untill it looks like this

try different combinations and add honey if necessary.
Bon appetit!

maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Porridge of living rye

A thick porridge and cranberries
Let me start by telling you how fantastic our national grain is. I'm talking about rye.  Not in it's traditional form but sprouted and fermented.  It's a lot easier digestible and you got all the nutrients in a super duper way.  Start by soaking the grains for 24 hours.  Drain them and let them sprout for two days or until you can see the sprouts.

Sprouted rye

Pour water to cover the grain completely. Add a teespoonful of juice from sauerkraut to start the fermentation.  After a day in the fridge the water is getting a fresh taste. Now the drink is called Rejuvelac.  The grains will keep for weeks in the fridge.
Living rye porridge:
Sprouted and fermented rye
a handful of pecans
a handful of raisins
1-2 tbl cranberries (if they are in the season)

Put everything in a foodprocessor and run it untill it looks like porridge.  If you want a thinner porridge than mine, add water according to your taste.
Bon apetit!

sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010

Banana ice cream

Banana ice cream with lingonberry juice
Is it true that to create a delicious desert you need lots of sugar and cream?  Up to now this has been the situation for me and particularly Ben&Jerry ice cream has been my number one.
Eventually I remembered an old trick I learned from a friend back in -93. Put deep frozen bananas in a food processor and you have instant ice cream!

Think about the effects on your health compared to ordinary ice cream! Only natures own stuff in unheated condition

Try to by very ripe bananas, peel them and deep freeze them in plastic bags. Now your are ready to put up a delicious desert at any time.

Banana ice cream:
about 1 litre of deep frozen bananas
juice from a 1/2 lemon
1 tbl honey
Put the juice and the honey in the food processor and blend till the honey is mixed with the lemon juice.  Now the honey will mix better with the frozen stuff. Add the bananas, preferably let them soften in room temperature for half an hour, and run it untill it's all smooth.  Serve with blended lingonberries (or cranberries).  I juiced the berries in my new Coway juicer and it made a delicious sauce, very soft.
Bon appetit!

torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

Beet balls

On my last birthday party  there were several goodies served.  These beetroot balls were quite popular.
Beets are delicious but few use them raw.  It is perhaps because of their hard structure.  If you chop them finely in a foodprocessor you get a softer and more eatable structure.  For the taste you add garlic, nutmeg and oliv oil.  To get protein and structure I used ground pumpkin seeds.  The effects on your health you can read about here.

Beet balls:
about 1/2 kg beetroots
3 dl  pumpkin seeds, ground
1-2 tbl flax seeds (give a better structure)
2 tbl oliv oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 clove of garlic

Put the beets in a food processor and run it untill they are chopped very fine. Add the rest of the ingredients and run it till a sticky mass. Don't run it too long so some structure is left. Form balls with in your palms.  Before you start, oil your hands generously with olive oil.  This way you will prevent the red colour from getting to deep into your palms.
Serve with the Green Sauce or anything else of your hearts desire.
Green Sauce:
10 cm cucumber
A handful of spinach
1/2 dl soaked almonds
1 rkl dijon mustard
1/2 clove of garlic
1 dl oliv or any other oil of your choice
Blend everything in a blender and check the taste.
Bon appetit!

keskiviikko 6. lokakuuta 2010

Wednesday juice feast

Ingredients for a supergreen juice
Jocke suggested that we each wednesday drink a lot of juice.  Those who really go for it, only drink juice instead of eating.  The Juice Brothers is Jocke's and mine project to promote a rawer lifestyle and having fun doing it.  Juicing is a fast and easy way of getting more valuable nutrients, anti oxidants, minerals and anything you can imaging into your system as effectivly as possible.  Upto now I haven't had a good wheatgrass juicer so there hasn't been any supergreen juices in my life.  Yeasterday I bought one, Coway Juicepresso.
In the afternoon I went to the Hakaniemen halli and bought 1 kg of wheatgrass and 1 kg of mangold.  Really green stuff.  The wheatgrass extracted excellently and tomorrow I will try the mangold.  I had more than 1 dl of wheatgrass juice in one gulp.  Terrific taste but perhaps a little too much to start with. This is strong stuff!  I also juiced fresh lingonberries.  That was fantastic, finally I can consumate lingonberries by the litres.  The pulp of the berries was extremely dry.  You can't achieve that with a centrifugal juicer.

May the juice be with you!

tiistai 5. lokakuuta 2010

Green Falaffels

We bought a big bag of peashoots. They are delicious, beautiful and healthy. Additionally they are cheap bought in a larger quantity. After eating them in salads for many days the glory was gone and they seemed to last forever. I had a new task - how to make a receipe out of them. Here it is! I have made the same balls out of cauliflowers before.  The peashoot (or is it peasprouts?) gave an excellent flavour to the dish.  As spices you can use anything you please. The spices in the receipe are just a suggestion.

Green Falaffels for 2-3 persons:
Now you add the rest of the ingredients
1,5 l Peashoot
2 dl pumpkin seeds
1 tbl flax seeds
1 tbl olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp coriander
0,5 tsp tumeric
0,5 tsp jeera
1 tl ginger
Ground sesame seeds
Roll them in ground sesame seeds

Cut the sprouts with a knife to fit them better into the food processor.  Pulsate until it looks like in the picture. Ground the pumpkin and the flax seeds in a blender until they are a fine powder. Add them, the spices and the oil to the sprouts.Keep pulsating until it is a sticky mass (not a mess!)  Be careful not to make it too fine, there should be some structure left.  Form balls and roll them in ground sesame seeds. Serve with salsa and tahini

4 tomatoes
1 tsp salt
Fresh basil
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Cut the tomatoes fine with a knife and put them in a sieve to drain. Drink the drained water as aperitive and chop the basil .  Blend everything together.
1 dl sesame seeds
1 tsp salt
The juice from 1/2 lemon
2 tbl olive oil
Put everything in a blender with 2 dl of water.  Blend with maximum speed until smooth.  Add water until its a smooth sauce, not a stew. Check the taste and do any corrections you need.
Bon appetit!