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sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010

Banana ice cream

Banana ice cream with lingonberry juice
Is it true that to create a delicious desert you need lots of sugar and cream?  Up to now this has been the situation for me and particularly Ben&Jerry ice cream has been my number one.
Eventually I remembered an old trick I learned from a friend back in -93. Put deep frozen bananas in a food processor and you have instant ice cream!

Think about the effects on your health compared to ordinary ice cream! Only natures own stuff in unheated condition

Try to by very ripe bananas, peel them and deep freeze them in plastic bags. Now your are ready to put up a delicious desert at any time.

Banana ice cream:
about 1 litre of deep frozen bananas
juice from a 1/2 lemon
1 tbl honey
Put the juice and the honey in the food processor and blend till the honey is mixed with the lemon juice.  Now the honey will mix better with the frozen stuff. Add the bananas, preferably let them soften in room temperature for half an hour, and run it untill it's all smooth.  Serve with blended lingonberries (or cranberries).  I juiced the berries in my new Coway juicer and it made a delicious sauce, very soft.
Bon appetit!

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