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lauantai 16. lokakuuta 2010

Rye bread

I have been juicing a lot of lingonberries.  As a result there is a lot lingonberry pulp left over. The pulp is really dry, it's just pure lingonberry fibers. In the fridge I found a lot of sprouted  rye.  Obviously the only sane thing to do was to make a bread out of it all!  The bread is easily digestible and has a lot of nutrients left because the rye has been sprouted and the bread has been dried instead of heated in the oven.

Red ryebread:
1 part sprouted rye
1 part pulp from lingonberries or cranberries
1 dl ground flaxseed per liter of rye
(keeps the structure together)
4 tbl olivoil per liter rye
salt according to taste

Spread the thick porridge in an even layer
Put everything in a foodprocessor and run it untill it sticks together like a thick porridge.  There still has to be whole grains left.  Spread it evenly a couple of millimeters thick layer on a teflex sheet. Dry it in 41 degrees for about 4 hours.  Flip it.  If it still sticks to the teflex keep on drying untill you can take of the sheet. After flipping it keep drying it untill you are happy with the degree of moisture in the bread.
Bon appetit!

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