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A new receipe brings more joy to mankind than the discovery of a new star.

torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

Green smoothie

Next week we will make smoothies at Reidar Wasenius' Brain Gym at the Kaapelitehdas.  One of the smoothies is revealed right here.  It is so green that it borders to a political statement.  But it's just a smoothie.  Cucumberjuice is strongly alcalising, broccoli cures the whole world, spiruliina is the number one of detox and pumpkin seeds should be on every 50+ male diet. Avocado contains the best fat ever, you cannot live without it

Green smoothie:
1 apple
1 big cucumber
1stalk sellery
piece of broccoli
half a lemon
Blend this juice with a handful of pumpkin seeds, half an avocado and a teespoon of spirulina.
Bon appetit!

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  1. That looks great! I made my own simple green smoothie yesterday. Coconut milk with some dates (made it myself), bananas and a lot of spinach. Very simple, but because of the fatty coconut... YUMMY! :)
    You can find it from my youtube channel soon: