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torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

Beet balls

On my last birthday party  there were several goodies served.  These beetroot balls were quite popular.
Beets are delicious but few use them raw.  It is perhaps because of their hard structure.  If you chop them finely in a foodprocessor you get a softer and more eatable structure.  For the taste you add garlic, nutmeg and oliv oil.  To get protein and structure I used ground pumpkin seeds.  The effects on your health you can read about here.

Beet balls:
about 1/2 kg beetroots
3 dl  pumpkin seeds, ground
1-2 tbl flax seeds (give a better structure)
2 tbl oliv oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 clove of garlic

Put the beets in a food processor and run it untill they are chopped very fine. Add the rest of the ingredients and run it till a sticky mass. Don't run it too long so some structure is left. Form balls with in your palms.  Before you start, oil your hands generously with olive oil.  This way you will prevent the red colour from getting to deep into your palms.
Serve with the Green Sauce or anything else of your hearts desire.
Green Sauce:
10 cm cucumber
A handful of spinach
1/2 dl soaked almonds
1 rkl dijon mustard
1/2 clove of garlic
1 dl oliv or any other oil of your choice
Blend everything in a blender and check the taste.
Bon appetit!

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