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torstai 28. lokakuuta 2010

"Pasta" and "cheese"

A couple of days ago I did a sauce which I served on an ordinary cooked pasta.  Today I had time to do a raw "pasta" of zucchini.  What you need is a mandolin.  With the mandolin you get zucchini stripes in the form of pasta.The "cheese" was kind of solid today but by adding less oil you get a drier form which resemblances grated cheese. Find out which one you prefer. On this pasta you can put any sauce you like  this.
Looking at the ingredients you see that we ate veggies, nuts and nutritional yeast.  Techically the yeast is not raw. It has been heated to the point that it's not active anymore.  It's full of nutrients and gives a cheeselike flavour.  The taste can fool any carnivour.

Pasta and cheese with herbs:
Cut three small zucchinis with the
mandolin into pastalike stripes
Cheese with herbs:
3 dl cashew
1 dl nutrtional yeast
2 tbl lemon juice
2 tsp salt
2 tbl basil
1 tbl thyme
1-3 tbl olive oil
Put the dry ingredients into a foodprocessor with a s-blade.  Process untill very fine and then add the lemonjuice and oil.  If you want to keep the cheese like grated add just a drop of oil and if you want it to stick together you add oil untill it does.
The salad in the picture is just tomatoes and some chopped onions with a spinach oil.  Put a handful of spinach into the processor with some salt and lemon juice. Process it adding olive oil untill you get a thick, green oil.

Build the plate like the first pictuere.
Bon appetit!

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