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keskiviikko 6. lokakuuta 2010

Wednesday juice feast

Ingredients for a supergreen juice
Jocke suggested that we each wednesday drink a lot of juice.  Those who really go for it, only drink juice instead of eating.  The Juice Brothers is Jocke's and mine project to promote a rawer lifestyle and having fun doing it.  Juicing is a fast and easy way of getting more valuable nutrients, anti oxidants, minerals and anything you can imaging into your system as effectivly as possible.  Upto now I haven't had a good wheatgrass juicer so there hasn't been any supergreen juices in my life.  Yeasterday I bought one, Coway Juicepresso.
In the afternoon I went to the Hakaniemen halli and bought 1 kg of wheatgrass and 1 kg of mangold.  Really green stuff.  The wheatgrass extracted excellently and tomorrow I will try the mangold.  I had more than 1 dl of wheatgrass juice in one gulp.  Terrific taste but perhaps a little too much to start with. This is strong stuff!  I also juiced fresh lingonberries.  That was fantastic, finally I can consumate lingonberries by the litres.  The pulp of the berries was extremely dry.  You can't achieve that with a centrifugal juicer.

May the juice be with you!

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